Code42 Certified Administrator Exam 2020


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Attain your Code42 Administrator certification. Upon successful completion of the two-part exam you will earn a certificate of completion and a badge for your Code42 Community avatar. While there are no exam prerequisites, experience with Code42 administration is recommended prior to attempting the exam. Code42 University also offers on-demand, classroom, and virtual instructor-led courses to further help you prepare.

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About this exam

This is a two-part exam consisting of a knowledge test and practical exam.

Written Exam (Part 1)

The knowledge test consists of 30 randomly chosen questions that are either True/False, Multiple Choice with a single correct answer, or Multiple Response with multiple correct answers.

Practical Exam (Part 2)

The practical portion of the exam has the candidate assume the role of Code42 Administrator for Universal Exports, our fictional company. Universal Exports (UE) has a Code42 solution that contains an in-house authority server and storage server.

The candidate is given specific instructions on building out the rest of the Code42 deployment based on root configuration; adding organizations and users; instituting a Legal Hold; identifying data exfiltration with Security Center; and various other tasks.

Time Requirements and Additional Instructions

While there is no time limit for the exam, it is recommended to budget a total of 4 hours for both parts.

You may use any written materials as reference, including the online documentation of the product. Any assistance provided directly by another human is highly discouraged.


You must obtain a score of 70% or higher on the knowledge portion and 80% or higher on the practical part.

You will immediately be provided a score on the knowledge section.

Scoring for the practical exam is done based on files submitted from your deployment. Information from your configuration is compared to the expected outcome for each section. You will be notified within 5 business days of your results.

Level: Advanced


4 hours


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