Security Analyst Course Pathway


This learning path is designed for Security Analysts who are responsible for monitoring their company’s insider threat. The Security Analyst course will cover Code42’s File Exfiltration Detection (FED), Forensic Search, and all available Code42 dashboards and lenses. The instructor-led sessions are part of the Education Pass program.


Security Analysts complete this education track by completing three modules:

  1. Code42 Foundations (or prior experience with the Code42 Endpoint)
  2. Legal Administration
  3. Incydr for the Security Practitioner

Modules are offered on multiple days and times.

For each module, enroll in the best session that suits your schedule.


8.5 hours


Code42 Foundations is the prerequisite for all Code42 learning paths. Each learner is provided with the basic knowledge needed to be successful in their specific role(s). This session is complimentary and recommended for all Code42 customers.

The Legal Administration session is recommended for anyone with Legal, Security, and/or Customer Cloud Administrator responsibilities within their Code42 deployment. Code42 recommends that all learners attend the Code42 Foundations prior to taking the Legal Admin session. This instructor-led class is part of the Code42 Education Pass program.

This session will cover all of the features available with the Incydr Advanced product plan, including dashboards, detection lists, alerts, forensic search, and cases.


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The training is priced from $ 3000.00 USD per participant

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