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On-demand education videos are a flexible and convenient way for you to get acquainted with Code42 Next-Gen DLP. These videos, available to you at no cost, are organized into courses, role-based learning, and stand-alone use-cases.

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Code42 Next-Gen DLP

You already understand the need to ensure that sensitive information stays inside your organization and with Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection, we’re making that easier. Code42 Next-Gen DLP is designed to protect your endpoint and cloud data from loss, leak, misuse, and theft--without the stumbling blocks that make traditional Data Loss Prevention solutions so painful to use and manage.

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Instructor-led education

Code42 offers in-person and virtual instructor-led classes that deliver knowledge on how to use Code42 and apply best practices. Classes are included with the purchase of a Code42 All-Access Education Pass and include hands-on lab exercises.

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Next-Gen DLP Workshops

Code42 Next-Gen DLP is a powerful and flexible part of your data security stack. In the "performing a search" video, learn more about searching file activity collected from user's endpoints. Afterward use the link below to, get hands-on with Code42 Next-Gen DLP by attending a free workshop.

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