About Us

The Code42 University Team

The University team is here to guide you along your path to administrator certification and increased knowledge of Code42 best practices.

Meara Lopez

Meara is the Manager of the Education Experience team at Code42, with more than 10 years of experience in training and development. She is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience for our attendees in both on-demand and instructor-led sessions.

Meara is responsible for training the Technical Services team, equipping them to support Code42 customers. She has been a part of the Code42 family since April 2013.

Courtney Ault

Courtney is an Instructional Designer and Trainer with Code42 University and has been with Code42 since May, 2016. Courtney has 10 years of technical support experience across a variety of industries to back her training expertise. She develops and delivers technical product training to our customers, as well as internal Code42 Employees across all departments.

Matthew Kraft, CISSP

Matthew Kraft is a Senior Instructional Designer and Trainer with Code42 University, which gives him the honor of spending his days creating and delivering content on Code42's products, insider risk management, and tales from the land of 10,000 lakes.

Prior to his work on Code42's Education Experience team, Matthew was a Technical Support Engineer working with both the Small Business and Enterprise support teams at Code42. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota where he majored in Computer Science, English, and Theatre Arts.

John Woods

John is a Technical Instructor at Code42 University and has been part of the Code42 team since 2017. John has 10 years of technical support experience and is passionate about knowledge sharing and education.

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Telephone: 612-315-1106